29 June 2019

Readers of the Listener will have noticed an item regarding Anezka Hoskin.  She received one of our scholarships to help with her first year of University study and then went on to study in England at Oxford and Cambridge universities. 

In a letter to us in late 2017 she expressed how very grateful she is for our help to set her on her career path.  To quote her letter –

 I will forever remain grateful for the financial support that the scholarship made to my education and encouragement it provided to me.

Upon completing my Master degree at Otago University I will aim to a PhD at one of the top Human Genetics courses in the world. My ambitions are high, yet achievable, and I continue to be encouraged by people around me (Devonport Rotary included).
Again, thank you for the support you provided me at the beginning of my tertiary education journey, I hope you are pleased to know your contribution has reaped many benefits for myself and others.

Her current research project is now as a postgraduate genetic student at the University of Otago where she is investigating genetic variants, specific to Maori and Pacific people but very rare and other populations, to find out if they might have a role in type 2 diabetes.  The Listener article discusses this further – see June 29th 2019