To achieve its objectives of assisting the community Rotarians are involved in many subtantial fund raising activities.
Since its incorporation some 40 years ago Devonport Rotary Club has made generous donations to a large range of local, national and international groups and organisations.

Guidance Notes and Selection Criteria

Applicants should be aware that the number of applications received each year is considerable and that the total funds requested exceeds those available. The Club is conscious that the funds were raised by public participation of events organised by The Rotary Club of Devonport and that the distribution of funds should take place in a fair and caring manner.

Guidance Notes:

The information supplied in this application form will be used by The Club to assess the application.

  1. The maximum funding that can be approved by the Directors of The Club on an ad-hoc basis is $1,000 per application. Applications for funding greater than this will be referred to The Rotary Trustees.
  2. There is no right of appeal and the Rotary Club of Devonport’s decision will be final by The Directors or The Trustees. All information given will be treated as confidential.
  3. All funding will be paid into a nominated bank account.
  4. All successful applicants may be required to give regular updates as to how the funding is being/has been used, receipts etc will be required.
  5. If the funding is used for any other purpose other than that to which the funding was made, The Rotary Club of Devonport reserve the right to stop any further funding (staged payments) or may recover monies that were misappropriated.
  6. Funding will not be a replacement of public funding and public or government responsibilities.
  7. The Rotary Club of Devonport does not respond to illegal or unethical proposals, or mass emails or unsigned requests.

Selection Criteria:

The criteria that The Club will adopt in the allocation of funds are described below where preference will be given to:-
Community based projects

  1. Projects with local content
  2. Projects where the organisation is involved in and supported by the community it serves
  3. Projects in which the funds requested are for “one-off” items, rather than on-going operating expenses
  4. Projects where there is a lack of alternative funding opportunities
  5. Projects that assist disadvantaged groups.
    Note That:
  6. The Club will look favourably on applications where the applicant organisation has already raised some of the funds for this project by themselves.
  7. A low priority will be awarded to projects where:
    a) the project is directed towards individual enhancement
    b) the project involves groups that can raise funds for themselves
    c) there are other funding sources available
    d) the donation from The Rotary Club of Devonport will be one of many and the
    impact of the Club’s contribution is effectively “lost”
    e) the Club will not fund any projects designed for commercial gain, promotion of
    political or religious causes or mainstream entertainment events, such as sports or
    popular music concerts

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