2nd March 2020

Christine Rowe shared with us her journey so far since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in June 2016 which was about the time the photo below was taken. She had been experiencing symptoms 18 months prior to that.

Diagnosis is by clinical observation of : 
Tremor, Rigidity, Slow Movement, Balance Problems, Gait Problems
If one or more of the above are observed, plus a positive reaction to medication, it is likely that a specialist would diagnose some form of Parkinson’s. There are up to 24 different symptoms and it is a progressive disease with no cure.

Christine stated that through Parkinson’s New Zealand and word of mouth she was able to connect with exercise programmes specifically tailored for people with Parkinson’s. These include PD Warrior, LSVT Loud, Parkinson’s CounterPunch and a one-week course at Outward Bound in Anakiwa. 

Christine looking rather apprehensive at the prospect of having to complete the high ropes course – which she conquered!

These programmes have enabled Christine to feel more positive about Parkinson’s and have improved her fitness, strength, agility and voice level.