31 August 2018

Business on Toast provided a number of Devonport residents with another very informative and enjoyable breakfast at Correllis with Speaker Michelle Perkins whois Investor Relations Manager for Ryman Healthcare.

Michelle, using her extensive background in researching the retirement and healthcare sectors, presented a very extensive and informative talk full of information and statistics many of which were surprising to her audience including statistics on NZs ageing population and the growing need for retirement facilities as our population demographics change as baby boomers age.

Michelle also discussed details of existing village operators and outlined the benefits our over 75-year-olds both medically through accessing the new medical facilities and improved lifestyle whilst at the same time releasing their properties back into the property market thereby helping to provide further properties to our oversold housing market.

Next Business on Toast meeting: October 26 with speaker  Associate Professor Thor Besier. Thor’s research combines medical imaging with computational modelling to understand mechanisms of musculoskeletal injury and diseaseProfile Image. In particular, he is interested in open source modelling tools to rapidly generate musculoskeletal models that can be used to diagnose and treat injury and disease.

Thor is a resident of Devonport.