It seems that the noted heritage tidal pool at the base of North head, known locally as the
Watson Pool, has sunk into the harbour bed or been washed away by the recent high
tides – no trace of the feature fondly remembered by generations of Devonport children and
convalescent soldiers.

A source has said that a group of well-meaning amateurs (AKA Idiots), were seen
making a clumsy attempt to repair minor damage to the stonework of the pool. The
group apparently lead by a retired structural engineer, with only limited knowledge of the
forces that can be exerted by the tide and moon in a marine environment, seemed to be
ill suited to the repair task. Their backgrounds are understood to have included
real estate sales, guitar making, furniture restoration and recreational fishing. Some
observers are comparing this apparent destruction to that done by the Taliban on
the ancient cliff statues in Afghanistan. It is not known if any redress is available to hold
those responsible accountable. See Photographic Evidence below. The Infamous
Group are now notoriously popular and have been asked to conduct another working bee
at the Mayor’s Office next week 🙂

Thanks to Phil LeGros, Anil Krishnan, Bob McGuigan Colin Cannon, Graham Rowe,
Ian Cunliffe, Pat O’Hagan, and to the Renouf’s who supplied morning tea.

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