Our Club welcomed District Governor Bruce Rasmussen from Milford Club, who was
accompanied by his lovely wife Christine, and ADG David Hansen. Bruce gave a rousing
speech about his attendance a few years back at the Bangkok International Rotary
Conference, where he saw over 30,000 Rotarians from almost every country in the
World, sharing ideas, fellowship, and the will to move forward together. Contrast the wider
World, presently typified by international conflict and strife. Bruce decided it was time to give a
full year to Rotary and so there he was, fresh as a daisy (or crocus), at our Club on Monday
Night. He also spoke about the quest to end polio, Aid to Vanuatu currently well in excess of
$700,000 through Foundation etc, the Centurion Programme, Friends of Rotary, ‘My
Rotary, and the need to ‘Light Up Rotary’ in our Community as well as the Wider World. There
are currently 1.2 million Rotarians and the international goal is to increase that to 1.3
million members this year.

Bruce also gave a Paul Harris Fellow Award to a very modest Rhondda Sweetman, who behind
the scenes continues to work tirelessly for our Club. Well done Rhondda. We’re all proud of you

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