Here’s a few keen boys warming up for the Scotty Brewer Skate Day – sunny and warm and crowds hadn’t arrived just yet at the skate park.
Competition proved very popular with people jumping, flying and crashing in all directions. Thank goodness the St John’s Ambulance weren’t needed. Calliope Sea Scouts were on hand providing water and great bbq sausages for hungry skaters, spectators and helpers on the day.
Ultimate Surf & Skate in Albany were the main sponsors this year and Mikey the announcer called the moves with great aplomb – not easy with 2 skaters at a time and 1 ½ minutes for each to strut their stuff. Technically called jamming, it’is far too un-cool to look like any of the moves are hard or you are half way pleased with yourself.
Some of the jam session moves included finger flip off the drop, back side disaster, 360 flip off the hip, rockin’ round the bowl, pop off the corner, back 780. Anyway it all sounded and looked really professional. A popular trick which I didn’t catch the name of consisted of chucking your board down from a steep height then leaping after it and hoping to not only land on it but skate away unscathed. A few bruises were sustained with that one.
Rotary have been involved from the beginning with the Ngataringa Skate Park from its construction to the present day. It is great to see the park being enjoyed all year round. The skate day, named after Scotty Brewer, a local Devonport boy, is held every year with competitions for U13, U16, open and the Scotty Brewer Cup. The competition continues its popularity drawing in boys from many parts of the country
Scotty Brewer

Scotty Brewer1