Earlier in the year, the Devonport Scouts initiated a project to renovate the Scout Bach on Rangitoto Island. The scouts have had a bach on Rangitoto since 1923 but it had been over 20 years since any significant maintenance work had been undertaken and the bach was badly in need of some repairs and a complete repaint.

With the assistance of Brian Stafford-Bush, partner of recent Devonport Rotary president Paddy Stafford-Bush, the scouts were able to get all the wood, tools and paint over to the island in preparation for the working bees in May, using his rather well-apponted launch.

Devonport Rotary also provided $1,250 in funding to replace the guttering and have a new water tank installed and so the bach finally had water on tap. The renovations have ensured that the bach can be continued to be used by Scouts and Guides for the next 20 years.