This week we were honoured to have Commander Simon Griffiths from the RNZ Navy to talk to us. Simon is the Chief of Staff at the Devonport Naval base and looks and the Navy’s relationship with the community and corporate affaires. Originally from Dunedin Simon now resided in Chatswood.

Simon talked about the Navy’s new ships their new direction capabilities and challenges.

We have navy that now focusses on the pacific .where it can help with aid and support as well as patrol work.

At the recent RIMPAC exercises they were 1st in specific skills like diving, 2nd in sport and 3rdin gunnery.

A recent career highlight for Simon was commanding the Offshore Patrol boat Wellington on a trip to the Antarctic and a video he showed us of the conditions made us all pleased we couldn’t join him.. Simon was honoured for a rescue they attempted while on the trip.