Devonport’s Primary Children make a huge contribution towards Polio Eradication

Friday the 24th of October was Polio Awareness Day and children from Vauxhall, Devonport, St Leos and Stanley Bay Primary Schools came together to raise enough money to buy nearly 11,000 Polio vaccines for children in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Organized through Devonport Rotary Club the children were made aware the devastating effect of Polio and how they could help to finish the job of eradicating polio in the final three countries to rid the world of Polio completely. The Rotary Foundation along with Bill and Melinda Gates of Microsoft contribute to the children’s donations so the for every dollar the children give, five vaccines can be purchased
The children through individual donations raised most of the money, but some sold cakes and some even donated their pocket money and one child wrote a card, which said “ I hope you get better with this money”.

“We should all be very proud of Devonport’s primary children and the effort they have made to help others less fortunate than themselves” said Graham Rowe President of Devonport Rotary Club. “Also a big thank you to the teachers and parents who all helped to make this a very successful project.”

Devonport Children assist in raising funds for polio eradication

Devonport Children assist in raising funds for polio eradication