Monday, 9th December 2019

Another year – another great evening at the Yacht Club.

Sergeant Pat produced a Christmas quiz which was way too hard for some of the attendees, and produced a suspiciously high score for the winning team  – who were observed in close consultation with Pat afterwards.  (Was the rumour of bribery just fake news??)

Big thanks to the organisers, and to all the members who were able to attend, and put some Christmas cheer into our senior citizens’ evening out.

It wasn’t quite as world famous as  “Do They Know It’s Christmas” as performed by the Band Aid ensemble in 1984; but the Devonport Rotary Christmas choir did a wonderful job of leading the evening through a number of well known Christmas songs.  Thank you choir members.

This text message received by one Rotarian sums up the evening – 

Warm appreciations to you both,  for transporting me and providing excellent companionship at the Rotary Christmas dinner.
It meant a lot – especially at this time of year. I loved the carols, the bonhomie,  venue and food – the jokes between Rotary members oiled the way beautifully!
Please pass on my appreciations to the Rotary organizers.
Happy Christmas!  🙂