Charmaine was born in South Africa and initially trained as a History teacher. She and her husband Geoff decided to do an OE and ended up in the UK where, Geoff, a doctor, continued his training. In 1992 Geoff was attracted to a position in Auckland and the family, now with 3 children, came to Devonport and never left. After working at Holy Trinity with the then vicar, Murray Spackman, Charmaine was encouraged to begin her training as a priest and in 2008 succeeded Murray on his retirement. Her job, working 24/7, is to run the parish on behalf of the Bishop of Auckland.
Charmaine talked about the nature of her work, the history of Holy Trinity Church, and the functions and role of the church in the community. Some of her comments and information included:
Her job is “like being the Mum of a very big family”
Her view of leadership is “disappointing people at a rate they can stand”
The church was set up in 1856 with Bishop Selwyn rowing across the harbour for services. In 1865 the first building was completed at a cost of £617.19 and used as a church and also the new Devonport School. At that point the parish extended to Silverdale
“The church is a place for occasions – to recognize, grieve and celebrate”
Charmaine Braatvedt