When neighbours connect, good things happen.
Engaged communities
Connect with your neighbours to stay informed and share important local information.
Share with your neighbours
Find a great babysitter, borrow a ladder, sell your old bed or invite the neighbours over for a BBQ.
Community Organisations
Make the most of a one-stop shop to hear from and interact with your community organisations and leaders.
New Zealand’s first free and private neighbourhood
web site is serving a very useful purpose. In fact, it could be described as a social media web site with a difference, the difference being that it looks to channel very useful community information to the particular neighbourhood a person might be in, and acts as an information portal for the police, neighbourhood watch, fire services and a whole

host of other important community bodies. Some of our members are already on the ‘Neigbourly’ site and if you want more information make sure you visit www.neighbourly.co.nz
Maureen Glassey did a wonderful presentation for us and was very keen for Rotary to get involved on this site.

Maureen Glassey  from Neighbourly

Maureen Glassey from Neighbourly