This Week’s meeting: Janette Seale from the Take My Hands Trust, described as “improving lives by connecting those that have with those in need”.
Janette explained that the concept came from two events – the stories of Amman from Pakistan who lost his leg, his education and his chances of employment through standing on a land mine while playing cricket and of the dumping into landfill in New Zealand of a large amount of unwanted medical supplies including prostheses.
From this, Janette has created Take My Hands which seeks to meld 4 dynamics to provide medical supplies assistance to places such as Fiji, Pakistan, and the Solomons through the coordination of:
 Equipment Providers – a platform to donate spare items that would otherwise end up in the landfill
 Transport Providers – to coordinate the delivery of items from the equipment providers to a warehouse
 Recipient Organisations – to find the items they need
 Take My Hands – to coordinate the transport of equipment and collect stories of impact.
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Thanks to Lori Liang for organizing this engaging presentation. Thanks also to Rob Fisher for supporting Janette.
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